Hi all,

Wow, I'm so bad with this!

How am I doing? Work is amazing, I'm loving every minute of it! The traffic is a bitch, but it's something I can put up with! Takes me roughly an hour to get there, but when the traffic is bad can take up to an hour & a half! Home is probably about the same, although it seems like hours more!

Underestimated how much it would take out of me! Getting up at 5.55am everyday is hard work! I miss being able to sleep in til 8am! Haha, should stop complaining, I've had an easy run up until now!

Going to try and fit an early morning run in the next week, don't know if I'll be able to drag myself out of bed at 5am but I'm sure I'd get used to it pretty quickly!

I admire other mothers who do the same! Especially the single mothers out there, also the ones with lazy partners! Haha, it doesn't stop until about 9pm. I've had no time for this blog, my favourite shows, life in general!

Looking forward to heading out tonight with some friends from school, then catching up with my best friend tomorrow for lunch, then throw in my weekly Sunday night dinner with my sisters and I will be buggered!

So hopefully I will be able to update this blog at least twice during the week. Not promising anything as I don't want to be a promise breaker!

I did find some time to watch the new Gossip Girl eps, and no surprise I love them!

Nate is such a dream boat!

I think I under-estimated how tired I would be! Haha

I will post tomorrow morning, as my brain is switched off now!

Been slack over the long weekend updating the blog

Sunday was a non-event! Just relaxed around the house, had my sisters over for our regular Sunday night dinner!

Today, my eldest girl was sick, so she's been sleeping on the couch all day! I've been keeping the youngest entertained, which really takes it out of you! I never realised how much she depends on her sister to keep her amused!

Work tomorrow, my last day! Can't wait to start my new job on Wednesday!

Just saw some Oscar Red Carpet dresses..

Rachel McAdams as always is stunning, but her dress is definitely my favourite!

I'm going to get an early night!


You can always rely on Melbourne to bring the crazy regarding it's weather! And today was no exception!!

This morning was so muggy, turned out it was 30 degrees, no wonder I was so hot! Haha

Then, at about 2.40 a storm came ripping through Melbourne.. along with some golf ball size hailstones! Also reports of tennis ball sized! Wow!

But, how gorgeous is this picture taken by a Herald Sun reader?

I got a heads up from my sister, who lives in the city, that the storm was coming & it was very scary! I checked the radar and it seemed that the worst was going to miss my suburb completely.. And it did, which is great as my car was out in the open, as I don't have a garage!!

I quickly saw my Facebook news feed flood with my friend encounters with the storm, seems alot of them have badly damaged cars! Smashed windscreens, dints and broken lights, but the cars weren't the only things that were damaged! So many stories of broken skylights, flooding, smashed windows and even dead birds! Thankful that none of my friends were injured

So tomorrow, they have forecast more stormy weather.. All I can hope for is some of this downpour to hit our catchments! I mind the rain as long as it's going where it's supposed to!

Beginning to stress about whether I'll have enough clothing for work! Looking at my wardrobe is depressing! I definitely have more than enough shoes, just the other parts I'm worried about!

Just before I end this post, quietly excited for new episodes of Gossip Girl airing in the US in 1 day! Can't wait!


Friday, at last.. Seems like this week has dragged on forever!

Long weekend, here in Melbourne!

Looking forward to the rest. Start my new positon on next Wednesday, so definitely going to enjoy these last couple of days before the madness begins!

Made some purchases this morning on my way to work (old part-time work)

Country Road - Rich Cobalt Swirl Tunic
Country Road - Black Cigarette Pant

Tony Bianco - Joss in Black Suede. Which came in the mail today!
Bargain off ebay for $75 as they were New In Box :)

Myer had spend over $35.00 on Revlon and get a free blush or bronzer so I took advantage and got some new Photo Ready Foundation. Plus I chose the Beyond Natural Blush which I scored free

Picked up some voodoo tights at 25% off so loving that!
Also got a 30mL Bright Crystal for travel.

So going to relax over the weekend, try and figure out if I've forgotten to organise everything! Had to organise school holiday care, before & after school care this week, which is all done now thankfully! Need to get a meal plan organised for the coming week, as I have no idea how long it's going to take me to get home! I'm hoping that I'll be home by 6.15. But will see how it all pans out!

Have a good weekend

I've decided to keep a blog as I'm about to embark on an exciting adventure in my life..

A little about me? Well, I'm 27 years old, I'm from Melbourne, Australia.
I'm a single mother to 2 gorgeous little girls.

I'm writing this blog, as I'm about to start my career. Sad at 27, I know.. Haha
A career is something I've never had, always wanted, but never had. I've had jobs, but never a career..

I've studied in IT, and was lucky enough to score a position at my favourite Australian fashion label in their IT department. Well, I had a small part in it, but right time, right place definitely gave me a helping hand.

This is an exciting time for me, as working, studying for my Diploma & managing the kids is definitely going to be a challenge!

So come with me, as I try and figure this all out!